web page imageWith all of the hype surrounding Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, it’s easy to neglect one of your company’s most important assets.  A modern, interactive website is an absolute necessity in today’s business environment. The best thing about your website is that it belongs to you! Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms are great, but they are always changing. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Invest in the Internet real estate that is 100% under your control!

If your site is more than a couple of years old, then chances are it’s time for an upgrade. Technology changes fast, and your company can benefit from several widgets and features that allow for dynamic content and enhanced communication channels with your customers.

We typically use WordPress as the framework, and then build a custom, responsive solution from there. Our team can also develop sites in Joomla or native HTML 5 and CSS if that is more your thing.

We’ll look at the current condition of your website and compare it with your vision, goals and objectives. We understand that times are tough and budgets are tight. We’ll work with you to create a cost effective solution you’ll be proud of.